Learn to lift in the comfort of your own home or at a gym much closer to you. I will help guide you through the movements, program your workouts and provide consistent feedback and video review so that you can stay on track with good form and great results. For more information, contact me!

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This option is for someone who does not live near Richmond, Virginia but would still like a conditioning & strength coach for their training. Receive individualized weekly programming straight to your email with the TrueCoach app and get session feedback and unlimited video reviews. You’ll have 24/7 messaging access to your coach and enjoy a program designed just for you, around your schedule and life. So whether you lift in your basement or a gym in a different state, you can still have a coach there for you every step of the way.

Even if you’ve never lifted before, I can help you learn!


ONLINE PROGRAMMING + In-person coaching

This option is great for someone who wants an individualized program but prefers to lift at home or in another gym near Richmond. Perhaps you live too far to visit each week, but a once-a-month visit is possible. With this option, you’ll receive individualized weekly programming as well as (1) in-person private coaching session at Richmond Balance per month, scheduled at your convenience. Enjoy a program designed just for you and check-in once a month to stay on track!

Consideration for online programming will be determined by Cassi after (2-3) in-person sessions.