Start by using a simple approach to strength training, based on concepts which develop stronger, more capable human beings.


the model

The model for movement is simple. It's based on the laws of physics, taking into account gravity and the way our bodies move mechanically against external forces. It is designed to safely and efficiently improve strength, health, and performance by using only a few basic barbell exercises.

As an architect, I was constantly trying to find a way to fight gravity. Turns out, we do the same thing with our bodies. And just like the way we design buildings, our bodies already work as a system of levers and fulcrums, foundations and stabilizers. Our movements can analyzed in terms of force and rotation, instead of feelings and experiments. By using this model to coach you through movement patterns, I can erase suspicion and guessing from the system and rely on the application of physical law. Not only does this make the movement safer for you but more effective and efficient in the process. 



Exercise is great - it gets you in the gym, makes you hot and sweaty and you feel good about what you've done in that moment. But training is different. When you train, each workout is only one part of the whole system, and each piece adds to the others to get you to your end goal. The programs I prescribe are based on training, not exercise, and you'll train 2-3 times per week, focusing on 4-5 main lifts, adding a little bit of weight each time. It's simple, it's effective and the sum of the parts equal something much larger than just one day of exercise.



I’m not here to offer a super-unique, one of a kind, workout program, just for you. One that requires you to work with me forever and ever. It’s more simple than that and your future in strength depends on your ability to do this on your own. Instead what I offer you is experience, resources, tools, and the teaching of simple movements, executed perfectly, that will make a huge difference in your life. I passed a very difficult certification process to teach this method and I join a small rank of coaches allowed to do so. It was not easy to earn and the examinations are based in theory, anatomy, physics, programming and much more. I keep things simple. I apply the model to each person that comes in the door, and I base their progress on a methodical program. I know what you're doing is not easy and my goal is to help you move better, create good habits, learn more about your body and see what you're capable of when you push yourself to do something you've never done before.